View the Video of Audi's story through his playing with sister Gracie. Check it out at: Audi's Video

View the Video of Audi's first trip to the dog park. Check it out at: Dog park Video

View the Video of Audi's Graduation from Beginner College. Check it out at: Audi Graduates

Click to view the Video of Audi's graduation from Intermediate Class.


R.I.P. Doakes


Koa Loves Breaking News

1/23/2016 Update:

Vega is growing!

1/7/2016 New GrandDoggie

Born November 5, 2015, part Lab & part Hound, she is a cutie, VEGA, in Phoenix at Matt's home. Welcome to our family!

7/21/2015 Update:

Loco comes home....His ashes and plaque:

R.I.P. Loco

7/13/2015 Update:

Loco's last video on his last day of life in this world


R.I.P. Loco Loco was in our family the longest, since 1996. A very loyal cat that was through it all. He was initially brought home by Karen, from the Phoenix Humane Society to nurse as he was the "runt" of the litter. He immediately tried to jump off our 2nd floor landing and was caught just in the nik of time; thus he was crazy, so he was named Loco. And, that name fit him 100%. Loco slept with me & Karen, with Lauri, with Matt, then  with me & Deb. Loco endured the long flight to Hawaii, learned to live with our first dog Samantha, then Deb's dogs Timber & Tasha, then Matt's cats. Also, Loco lived with his brother Yoda; they got along great together. Here's a picture of them at the Myrtle house, in the window.

Loco learned to like our newer dog Koa and put up with our new cat, Tuxxie. He had many medical problems throughout his long life but was always loveable, enjoyed limited petting, especially under his chin, and really loved to sit on Deb's lap. We will miss you Loco. Enjoy it in kitty paradise! Aloha

Loco's last day

3/14/2015 Update:

A few newer pictures of our animal family.

7/17/2014 Update:

We have a new family member, outside feline, sweetheart female Tuxxie. She has won the lottery coming here and now she has a home, great food, exercise, toys, and so much more. Her DOB 1/10/2014, so still a kitten.


2/25/2014 Update:

Debbie used her new camera to take these pictures of our animal family. Koa, Audi, & Loco are all friends and enjoy playing together. Loco is now 17 years old, Koa is almost 2 years old and Audi 7.


2/8/2013 Update:

2/6/2013 Update:

Well, since about December 18, 2012, a new dog has been coming by our house, as well as ALL of our neighbor houses. He is obviously not happy wherever he lives and his owner allows him to go everywhere, frequenting the transfer (dump) station all the time. He has the potential for eating poison, getting run over by a car, shot by somebody, killed by pigs, cats or you name it; so he (Koa) has been trying out many people's homes to live at. Finally on January 15, 2013, Debbie put a mat out by the front door and Koa slept there most of the night before leaving sometime in the early morning. He is part Rottweiler, part Labrador. He is about 10 months old. The poor dog had tape worms, fleas (which he gave to Audi & neighbor dogs), and the worst, hookworms! Debbie took him to the vet, thankfully in time, and with medicine, Koa is recovering really well. Without Deb's intervention, Koa would surely have died within a short time. He loves his toys, especially his "special" ball.

 Audi & Koa play together:

And Debbie gives them treats together:

Audi watches Koa watch JB (the horse)  

AND, now, they LOVE each other:

3/16/2012 Update:

8/14/2010 Update:

Audi has a new friend as new neighbors have moved in next door. Her name is Hoku!

  Watch Audi & Hoku run like maniacs! Aloha


2/3/2010 Update:

Loco & Audi sitting on the couch.

1/16/2010 Update:

Been a long time between updates, but here's some new pictures...


Loco eating on his ledge......                                                                                                    Audi waiting to be played with on the bed.



Audi and Loco watching each other in the family room.                                                         Audi stretched out on bed.

Loco cleaning Audi's ear in bed with Mommy..........

11/30/2008 Update:

11/26/2008 Update:

Audi has a new friend, Lucy...



9/12/2008 Click for video on Audi catching Kong Flyer in Hawaii

8/10/2008 Update:

Happy 2nd Birthday to Audi..............

Audi and Loco are really enjoying Hawaii. Audi loves the great outdoors, especially when it is raining. he likes taking a shower. He chases all the birds, geckos, and chickens that come into HIS yard.




3/11/2008 Update:

Audi Comes to Hawaii mid January.


Audi arrives at airport....

  Big new yard (over 1 acre) for Audi to play in.

Audi's neighbor, JB, the Stud Horse!


                                                                       Audi and neighbor friend Arnie


Audi has ball in mouth, as usual.                                      Audi hides in our forest.


1/26/2008 Update:

Cody (front) and Loco in bed!

9/17/2007 Update:


Yoda dies from complications of diabetes.

Rest in Peace, "Master Yoda Littlesqueeze"




9/4/2007 Update on grand dog Leila:

9/3/2007 Update: Audi is 41pounds

6/30/2007 Update: 40 pounds


Audi bathes with Debbie.............                                                                  Audi splashes..........

Audi's all wet!

5/15/2007 Update:


Yoda & Cody                                                                                                Cody & Matt


                        Cody                                                                                Cody Taxi

4/29/2007 Update:


                                                            Audi Graduates! 4/29/2007



     Audi in his bed

     Cody rolls over..........

3/8/2007: Cody Grows!


3/5/2007: Cody Eats!

3/3/07: New addition to family.....CODY!

CODY (3 months old)             Cody, Siamese!

3/1/2007: Gracie Update, 37 pounds!

  Looks like Audi!

2/20/2007: Just received from Diana....picture of original litter of Audi's family!

Which one is Audi? Gracie?

2/18/2007: 33 pounds


2/4/2007: Audi's Graduation


2/5/2007: More from Grand-dog Leila


Halloween, Princess Leila

2/3/2007: New Family Member

Dexter, Grand-cat arrives on the scene.

5.4 Pounds!

1/28/2007: 30 pounds

Taking a shower!

 In his Dream, Memory Foam Bed



Abstract of Audi by L. Lucas (Note table tennis balls in mouth)

12/30/2006 Update: 26 pounds

Long legs!    Loves to run stretched out!

WOW! Lots of brown color coming in....

  Audi with friend at the dog park.

Exhausted at dog park, tongue out!

12/24/2006 Update: 25 Pounds...His length & height has increased!

12/8/2006 Update: 22 Pounds...

This week was a SPECIAL week as Audi met his sister for the first time since they were separated when adopted. Her picture (Gracie) is also further below a few times showing her growth and here are pictures of her & Audi playing together this past Wednesday.

I have also uploaded a complete video of Audi's story through his playing with Gracie. Check it out at: Audi's Video

Audi & Gracie

Who is who?

A kiss...

Tired after 90 minutes of playing.

12/1/2006 Update: 20 Pounds...


Gracie, Audi's sister. (lives elsewhere)                              Audi Closeup

Audi crawling....

11/24/2006 Update: 18 Pounds...

In Deb's lap.

Longer legs everyday...


11/19/2006 Update: 17 Pounds

1st day in school.

Both ears now up!

11/17/2006 Update:

Has he grown much? See for yourself in this side by side comparison.....

10/6/2006    11/17/2006

Deb & Audi play outside.

Audi stretch crawls to scratch his tummy.

11/10/2006 Update:

16 Pounds and growing!

Audi, getting longer...

With his play ball....he chews.

Coming after my shoelaces!

11/3/2006 Update:

14 Pounds!

Audi talks to his mommy.

Audi crawls....

Audi poses.


Yoda, Audi, Loco

10/27/2006 update:

12 pounds!

Audi bites Debbie.

Audi stretches out...

Audi sit!

Audi, so cute...

10/20/2006 update:


Audi (growing) & Debbie

Audi is getting Longggger!

"I gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks!"

10/17/2006 update:

Audi & Loco get closer

AND closer, still......

10/13/2006 update:

Has he grown in 1 week? 9 POUNDS

 Audi playing ball & Frisbee  

Audi's Sister, Gracie (Doesn't live with us) (Looks almost like an identical twin)

Gracie has a heart!

Gracie has Audi's brown spots!

Gracie has the same white spot tail!

10/6/2006 (8 weeks old) Mix of Australian Sheppard/Border Collie:


Audi in his bathroom.

Debbie & Audi

Audi at the RESCUE

Audi and his sister (2 of the 5 in the liter) cute!

Audi at the feet of his sister's adopters.

Audi & sister

Master Yoda Littlesqueeze

Loco & Yoda




Leila in Aurora, Co., Grand-dog