April 21, 1991 to October 26, 1997

The first & only weekly radio show devoted to Ham Radio on the commercial radio band.
Please notice the guest names and subjects discussed. I believe we covered almost every aspect of amateur radio. 
Listen to a show from early on and then to a show the following year, then another from the next and so on; and hear the quality & host improve. hihi
1/26/2015; I began uploading the audio for every show
I have available. There is NO CHARGE to listen.  All you need to do is click on the DATE
of the show you wish to listen to. Dates become "live" as show is uploaded and 
they are NOT being uploaded in chronological order.
Shows will be uploaded on an ongoing basis, so check
back often. As of 1/21/2016, 142 shows uploaded. I hope you like the ability to listen to some old interesting shows.
 If you want specific shows uploaded sooner, let me know which ones.
 Please allow for some quality issues as the tapes are 20+ years old! Let me hear from you.
Shows originally were one hour in length, local on KFNN, 1510AM, Phoenix.
 We then went to a 2 hour format with one hour local and the other syndicated nationally. 
Lastly, we went to one hour syndicated nationally.

See HR&M's 1995 station affiliate list

**FEATURED Shows Uploaded**
Senator Barry Goldwater, K7UGA (2 full hours)(3/28/1993)
Princess Elettra Marconi (Her father invented radio)
Al Gross, W8PAL (1st visit on our show) 8/4/91  
10/11/92  AL GROSS, W8PAL (WW2 Secrets Exposed)
Al Gross, W8PAL & Fred Link, W2ALU (Radio pioneers)(10/17/1993)
Al Gross, W8PAL 1st Walkie-Talkie (2 full hours)(Joan Eleanor Project during WW2)(3/13/1994)
2nd Hour famous SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO, Communication Posse (8/28/94)
Jerry Ziliak, KB6MT Learning Morse Code (2 full hours)(4/23/1995)
Bill Pasternak Newline (1st appearance of many, on HR&M, 2 full hours)
Lyle Johnson, WA7GXD (Founder of TAPR, & pioneer in amateur radio packet, TNC)(7/12/1992)
2/20/94  LYLE JOHNSON  WA7GXD(KK7P)   PACKET / TAPR 1200 baud rate..LOLOLOL
WAYNE GREEN, W2NSD 73 MAGAZINE(2 full hours)No more youngsters in hobby(8/14/1994)
BOB HEIL, K9EID  HEIL SOUND CO. (all about sound, <2nd hour>dsp, Dolby, AC3, THX, etc)(7/17/1994)
CW REQUIREMENT DEBATE WITH FRED MAIA, W5YI & NANCY KOTT, WZ8C, FISTS(4/27/1997) A very spirited debate, then the tape broke 40 minutes in!. 
4/21/91            SCOTTSDALE ARC           HAM CLUBS         
4/28/91            AZ ARC                                 HAM CLUBS         
5/5/91             CADXA                                  HAM CLUBS    
5/12/91            JIM PACKARD        KG6BG           1 STOP COMMUNICATIONS                                           
5/19/91           JIM STEVENS        KK7C               ANTENNAS
5/26/91             RANDY SEXTON       KA7UUS     REPEATERS    (John Moore NJ7E)     
6/2/91             EARL CAMPBELL      KS8J           AMATEUR TV        
6/9/91             LEE FINKEL         KY7M          CONTESTING         
6/16/91            BILL ANDREWS       W8AKH         FIELD DAY along with Jim Stevens, KK7C (Antennas West)         
6/23/91            BOB SUTTON         N7UZY          CHIEF ARMY MARS         
6/30/91            DAVE BLASCHKE       W5UN        MOONBOUNCE        
7/7/91             ALAN SHOPE                             COMPUTERS  (buy a super fast 386-33) (amazing how far we have come since)       
7/14/91            JOHN MOORE         NJ7E               RAGCHEW        
7/21/91            JIM STEVENS        KK7C                ANTENNAS & Ft Tuthill Hamfest          
7/28/91            JOE MOELL          K0OV                FOX HUNTING (last 2 minutes, tribute to Mark McFadden, KB7LPR SK)       
8/4/91             AL GROSS           W8PAL               RADIO HISTORY     
8/11/91            POST 599                              BOY SCOUTS        
8/18/91            DAN MEREDITH       N7MRP          PACKET            
8/28/91            DAN MEREDITH       N7MRP          PACKET            
9/1/91             DAN HOYOS                              SATELLITE TV      
9/8/91             BERNIE SASEK       W0YOY           ARRL              
9/15/91            GEORGE HANDS       KE7DH        RFI PROBLEMS      
9/22/91            NORMA LEE                              HAM CLUBS         
9/30/91            WALT SCHEKUNECHT   N7IZM  ARRL              
10/6/91            LINDA REEDER       N7HVF           HANDI-HAMS  (Linda is a sight impaired extra class ham)      
10/13/91          LEN WINKLER KB7LPW RAGCHEW  (WD9DBL Bruce Diamond @ 53 minutes into the show, RACES)          
10/20/91          REINHART GEISSLER  DL1UF    GERMAN HAM RADIO (East Germany Escape) 
10/27/91          AL GROSS           W8PAL               RADIO HISTORY (Live from AZ State Fair)  Father of Personal Use Radio  (Premiere on air of Lauri, N7UKZ)
11/3/91            OLIVER GRIEVE      W7WGW      REPEATERS         
11/10/91          CHARLOTTE COUCH    N7IPR   PUBLIC SERVICE    
11/17/91          JERRY HIGGINS      W9INP          HAM CLUBS   Chapter 15, Barry Goldwater Chapter      
11/24/91          NICK SUES          W7ZMD             MISC.             
12/1/91            AEA INC.                               AEA, INC.         
12/8/91            JOHN MOORE         NJ7E              SCANNERS          
12/15/91          LARRY DILLIE       N7NOU            AMATEUR TV        
12/22/91          NICK SUES          W7ZMD              BAND PLAN         
12/29/91          JERRY SCHUMACHER   N7ULE(W6DCM)  What to listen to on SCANNERS   (AZ Frequency Directory)       
1/5/92             LARRY BROWN        W7LB            AMSAT with Gary Beaver Duffield, N7NQM
1/12/92            MORGAN HOAGLIN     WW7B      and Mike Henry        AMTOR (what is it? Basic Teletype Terminology)             
1/19/92            TODD LEFKOWITZ, MD.     N7PMP      WX. SATELLITES (Jeopardy TV Champion)     
1/27/92            JOHN MOORE         NJ7E               RAGCHEW, C.A.P.  (Nick Sues also in studio) (John Moore biography revealed)        
2/2/92             LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW          NEWS     (lots of local club info plus)         
2/16/92            SHANE JUSTICE      KE7TR           ANTENNAS          
2/23/92            NICK SUES          W7ZMD               RAGCHEW           
3/1/92             ELIZABETH TACKETT  N7WIQ     N.A.R.A.          
3/8/92             JOHN WILSON        WG7K               SHORTWAVE RECORDING DESTROYED, sorry.        
3/15/92            WALT SCHUKECKT     N7IZM       ARRL
3/22/92            NICK SUES               W7ZMD           RAGCHEW (triple bypass & valve surgery for my dad)               
3/29/92            CHUCK BRELSFORD    K2WW      ANTIQUE WIRELESS  Historic Radio
4/5/92             DAVE KELLEY        AA7TQ              HAM CLUBS, TRIARC, T'HUNTS
4/19/92part1 TODD LEFKOWITZ, N7PMP         ANTENNA RESTRICTIONS, HOA Restrictions & more (42 minutes in:You know you're growing older...)
4/19/92 Part 2 TODD LEFKOWITZ   N7PMP       Satellite TV, ham radio, weather, Jeopardy questions, swl utility listening at end
4/26/92            LEE FINKEL         KY7M                   DX & CONTESTING EXTENSIVELY EXPLORED (1 year show anniversary)                
5/10/92            ED COUCH           N7JOR               VE TESTING with Chris Townsend, & Ed Nickerson WU7S
5/17/92            ED BLASZIC         N7EB                QSL MANAGEMENT    
5/24/92            HARTLEY GARDNER    W1OQ      REPEATERS         
5/31/92            CARL HANSEN        AF0X               ANTENNAS          
6/7/92             BILL ANDREWS       W8AKH          FIELD DAY         
6/14/92            DAN MEREDITH       N7MRP          PACKET BBS            
6/21/92            BOB SCHUETZ        W2BDG          NAVY MARS         
7/12/92            LYLE JOHNSON (Founder of TAPR) WA7GXD      PACKET RADIO  (John Moore, NJ7E guest host)(Len on vacation in Hawaii)       
7/20/92            NEIL WAKE          KV7O                ANTENNA LAWS/DEED RESTRICTIONS  (as of 2004, Neil is a Federal Judge)    
7/26/92            STEVE MANSFIELD    N1MZA      ARRL  (National Public Information Officer)   2nd hour(Tuthill hamfest report)         
8/2/92             DAN MEREDITH       N7MRP          PACKET NODES      
8/9/92             CARL HANSEN        AF0X               INTRODUCTION & BASICS TO ANTENNAS (2 full hours)         
8/16/92            BRUCE DIAMOND      WD9DBL    ARRL  (2nd hour is about radar, laser, & more)             
8/23/92            LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW         ARRL CONVENTION (Closed repeaters good/bad?) (Hurricane Andrew hits in Florida next day)
8/30/92          LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW         HAM AWARENESS DAY 
9/6/92             DAVID CASSIDY      N1GPH          73 MAGAZINE     Feisty discussion  
9/13/92            FRIED HEYN         WA6WZO          ARRL              
9/20/92            JIM HEIL           KB5AWM              HAM HELP LINE     
9/27/92            JOHN LOVEGROVE                        NATIONAL WEATHER  
10/4/92            WV ARC                                 HAM CLUBS         
10/11/92          AL GROSS           W8PAL               HISTORY Father of Personal Use Radio; Sarnoff, Secret Classified Documents Exposed! License 19w0001; WW2 Secrets revealed!then tape broke
10/25/92          JOE FAIRCLOUGH     WB2JKJ    SCHOOL CLASS 22   
10/28/92          LARRY DILLIE       N7NOU            AMATEUR TV        
11/1/92            MIKE ZUSSMAN       WA7NIY       PHOENIX HAM HISTORY  (How did Scottsdale Club Begin; 2nd hour)  
11/8/92            LEN TRAUBMAN       W6HJK       RUSSIAN HAM LIFE SAVING 
11/15/92          STEVE LEVIN                            SETI/NASA   (Are UFO's REAL?) Radio Astronomy  (2nd hour Extraordinary T'Hunt recap ++)    
11/22/92          JIM GRAY           W1XU                PROPOGATION FORCASTING      
11/29/92          DAVID LARSEN       KK4WW       F.A.I.R.S.        
12/6/92            MFJ ENT.                               PRODUCTS          
12/13/92          EARL CAMPBELL      KS8J          PRODUCTS          
12/20/92          LEE FINKEL         KY7M                DX                
12/27/92          STANDARD RADIO     W9TYT    PRODUCTS          
1/3/93             NICK SUES          W7ZMD            CURRENT ISSUES    
1/10/93            DAVID CASSIDY      N1GPH        73 MAGAZINE (Many "hot" topics; callers all 2 hours constant))      
1/17/93            FRED MAIA          W5YI                CURRENT ISSUES    
1/24/93            DANA SHTUN  VE3DSS(VE3DS)   CANADIAN Radio Relay League
1/31/93            ROSALIE WHITE      WA1STO      YOUTH HAMS        
2/7/93             JOHN MOORE         NJ7E               RADIOWAVES & CANCER        
2/14/93            NICK SUES          W7ZMD              CW LEARNING       
2/21/93            DAVE MUNCEY                            HURRICAN INIKI  Personal Story from Meteorologist Phone Call with Kauai Resident, PLUS CES info HDTV, etc..
2/28/93            JOHN MOORE, NJ7E HOSTING Civil.Air.Patrol, Graham Alcock, Commander #301, Search & Rescue        
3/7/93             RON AVERY          WB7PEB           HAMFESTS          
3/14/93            DAN MEREDITH       N7MRP         HAMFESTS          
3/21/93            JERRY SCHUMACHER   N7ULE  SCANNERS          
3/28/93            BARRY GOLDWATER    K7UGA  SENATOR GOLDWATER  (1st appearance)
4/11/93            MIKE ZUSSMAN       WA7NIY       RAGCHEW           
4/18/93            BRIAN KASSEL       W5VBO          PACTOR            
4/28/93            LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW         DAYTON HAMVENTION 
5/2/93             ARIE SURKIS                            ISRAELI HAM RADIO 
5/9/93             MIKE SHELLEY       KF0SV             HAM SCHOLARSHIPS (2nd hour)
5/16/93            LEW MCCOY          W1ICP               ANTENNAS          
5/23/93            CODY & CASEY & MARTY (AB5GU) HALEY   YOUTH IN HAM RADIO (2nd hour Morgan Hoaglin, Red Cross, flooding in Midwest)
5/30/93            CAROLE PERRY       WB2MGP              TEACHING KIDS HAM RADIO
6/6/93             NANCY KOTT         WZ8C                F.I.S.T.S.        
6/13/93            JACK TILEY         N7RWJ               SPREAD SPECTRUM   
6/20/93            LEE FINKEL         KY7M                FIELD DAY         
6/28/93            KEITH BOUDOIR                          SATELLITE TV.     
7/4/93             BARNEY FAGAN       KB7KOE              TOWER FUND        
7/18/93            JOHN WILSON        WG7K                SHORTWAVE         
8/1/93             NED STEARNS,  AA7A SATELLITES (Len talking about his trip to Hawaii & the volcano; 15 years before moving there)  (1st show appearance by Ned Stearns, AA7A)
8/15/93            DALE GAGNON        KW1I                AM COMMUNICATING  
8/22/93            CASEY HALEY        KB5UEO              YOUNG HAMS        
8/29/93            DARRELL SANDROW    NU7I             BLIND HAMS (Braille)(2nd hour; taking the ham license test)
9/5/93             CARL HANSEN        AF0X                F.A.R.E.          
9/12/93            LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              NEW HAMS          
9/19/93            LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              F.A.R.E.  (Live from FARE)        
9/26/93            LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              F.A.R.E. Recap         
10/3/93            HARRY DANNALS      W2HD              ARRL, HAM HISTORY 
10/10/93          LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              RAGCHEW           
10/17/93          AL GROSS           W8PAL               OLD TIME RADIO with FRED M. LINK, W2ALU
10/24/93          LEW MCFADIN        W5DID               SAREX/NASA      Recap/Actual Carl Hayden QSO with Space Shuttle, Participants  
10/31/93          LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW             INSTANT LICENSE   
11/7/93            GARY FROEMMING     WB7CAG      LONGWAVE          
11/14/93          JOHN MOORE         NJ7E                RAGCHEW           
11/28/93          FRANK MOORE        WA1URA           LAST VOICE KUWAIT 
12/5/93            FRIED HEYN         WA6WZO              ARRL              
12/12/93           LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW             RAGCHEW           
12/19/93           RALPH FEDOR        K0IR                DX' PEDITIONS
12/26/93           LEW MCCOY          W1ICP                  ANTENNAS
1/2/94              NANCY KOTT         WZ8C         F.I.S.T.S.         
1/9/94              HARRY DANNALS      W2HD    NO CODE/ ARRL      
1/16/94            BOB SUTTON         N7UZY       ARMY MARS          
1/23/94            FRED MAIA          W5YI              CURRENT ISSUES     
1/30/94            JOE MOELL          K0OV            TRANSMITTER HUNTING          
2/6/94              GEORGE FATHAUER                ANTIQUE RADIO  Carl Hayden Club & more    
2/13/94            BILL PASTERNAK     WA6ITF    NEWSLINE           
2/20/94            LYLE JOHNSON       WA7GXD(KK7P)   PACKET / TAPR 1200 baud rate..LOLOLOL
2/27/94            DAVID CASSIDY      N1GPH       CHILD SEARCH & How to get young people interested in Amateur Radio (2nd hour)    
3/6/94              LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW      BEGINNERS HAM RADIO     
3/13/94            AL GROSS           W8PAL            1ST WALKIE-TALKIE  (2 full hours)(Joan Eleanor Project during WW2)
3/20/94            JOE LYNCH          N6CL              CUBA, VHF, CQ MAGAZINE    
3/27/94            STEVE MENDELSOHN   WA2DHF    NY MARATHON        
4/3/94              LEE FINKEL         KY7M                      CONTESTING         
4/10/94            BOB GROVE          WA4PYQ              SHORTWAVE         
4/17/94            NED STEARNS        AA7A                 SATELLITE          
4/24/94            DAVE GRUBB         KC8CF                DAYTON HAMVENTION  
5/1/94              LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW             DAYTON REVIEW      
5/8/94              GARY HEMBREE       N7IR                 QRP                
5/15/94            DICK DANIELS       W4PUJ               PHASE 3D/AMSAT     
5/22/94            DAM MEREDITH       N7MRP             PACKET & INTERNET  
5/29/94            JIM GRAY           W1XU                       PROPOGATION        
6/5/94              LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW             RAGCHEW            
6/12/94            HENRY RUH          KB9FO                  AMATEUR TV         
6/16/94            JOHN CROVELLI      W2GD               FIELD DAY          
6/26/94            BARRY GOLDWATER    K7UGA       BIOGRAPHY (last appearance)     
7/2/94              LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW             RAGCHEW with NJ7E            
7/10/94            HARTLEY ALLEY                                BICYCLE HAMMING    
7/17/94            BOB HEIL           K9EID                      HEIL SOUND CO. (all about sound, <2nd hour> dsp, Dolby, AC3, THX, etc)  
7/24/94            CHRIS IMLAY        N3AKD                 ARRL               
7/31/94            HAP HOLLY          KC9RP                  R.A.I.N.           
8/7/94              LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW            RAGCHEW            
8/14/94            WAYNE GREEN        W2NSD            73 MAGAZINE & Old Men in amateur radio       
8/21/94            ROGER BLOCK        KD7UT              GROUNDING/LIGHTNING 
8/28/94            JIM LANGNER, WB2OSZ(1st hour) SSTV  (2nd Hour famous Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Communication Posse) (we went live on a UHF TV channel in Utah)
9/4/94              LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW            RAGCHEW

9/11/94            ALEX LEYNES        N9KYJ               YOUTHNET NEWS, 2nd hour all about F.A.R.E.

9/18/94            CHRISTIE HANCOCK                       YLRL

9/24/94            DICK BALDWIN       W1RU               IARU
10/2/94            LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW           HT'S

10/9/94            STEVE COLETTI                               PIRATE RADIO

10/16/94          LEE LAIRD          AB5SM                  HAM DISTRIBUTION NETWORK

10/23/94          PAUL FLAHERTY      N9FZK           MORSE CODE DEBATE

10/30/94          WAYNE GREEN        W2NSD          73 MAGAZINE

11/6/94            LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW           WHY BECOME A HAM?

11/13/94          STEVE ROBERTS      N4RVE          BEHEMOTH BIKE

11/20/94          IAN DRUMMOND       VE6IXD         CAVE RADIO

11/27/94          PHIL KARN          KA9Q                   TCP/IP

12/4/94            DAN FISH                                          RADIO CITY

12/11/94          CHRIS LOUGEE                           ICOM CORP.


1/8/95              WILL ANDERSON      AA6DD  6 METERS (60 6m repeaters in California alone) (1st hour short review of my trip to NZ)

1/15/95            KEN PRICE (2nd hour)                       EVAC/ SAN DIEGO        with John Moore, NJ7E

1/22/95            BOB PARNASS        AJ9S                   SCANNERS

1/29/95            DAVID LARSEN       KK4WW             F.A.I.R.S.

2/5/95              LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              RAGCHEW

2/12/95            DAVE BLASCHKE      W5UN              MOONBOUNCE w/NJ7E

2/19/95            BILL PASTERNAK     WA6ITF            CURRENT ISSUES (In studio Ned & John)

2/26/95            JOE FAIRCLOUGH     WB2JKJ         EDUCOM (2nd hour)(LOL, (Uses Commodore Computers)
3/5/95              LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              Ned Stearns, AA7A RAGCHEW (Mir 2nd hour)
3/12/95            RICH MOSESON       NW2L                CQ MAGAZINE (1st hour, Dan N7MRP, Ned AA7A, Lee KY7M)
3/19/95            JEFF WHITESMAN                               BATTERIES  (all the different types available) W&W Batteries
3/26/95            FRED MAIA          W5YI                        VANITY CALLSIGNS & other controversy
4/2/95              MARK NADEL         NK2T                    ANTENNA PROBLEMS (Sadly, tape was destroyed after about 55 minutes of 2 hours, sorry)
4/9/95              KEN ALLEN          KB8KE                   DAYTON HAMVENTION
4/16/95            LEE FINKEL         KY7M                      CONTESTING  (even got a huge compliment about my great looks from a caller, :))
4/23/95            JERRY ZILIAK       KB6MT                 LEARNING MORSE CODE
4/30/95            LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW            LIVE FROM DAYTON OHIO, HAMVENTION Andrew & Lisa Sing! Tape breaks after 49 minutes, sorry, old tapes are fragile!
5/7/95              NED STEARNS        AA7A                  DSP, HATE RADIO, Discussion of Hamvention Trip Tape broke 23 minutes in, sorry
5/14/95            BRIAN COMER                                    HF RIG & COMPUTERS
5/21/95            ED HARE            KA1CV                     MOBILE NOISE
5/28/95            JOHN HART          N0OCF                 EMERGENCY COMM.
6/4/95              LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW            RAGCHEW
6/11/95            HARRY HELMS        AA6FW              ALL ABOUT HAM RADIO
6/18/95            TIM ELLAM          VE6SH               CANADIAN HAM RADIO
6/25/95            GARY BOURGOIS      WB8EOH              SATELLITE TV.
7/2/95             LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              RAGCHEW

7/9/95             NED STEARNS        AA7A                DSP Technology (Basics to advanced Digital Signal Processing)

7/16/95            ED HARE            KA1CV               RFI & TVI

7/23/95            ROSALIE WHITE      WA1STO              HAM OF YEAR/ARRL YOUTH

7/30/95            SCOTT EHRLICH      WY1Z                INTERNET

8/6/95              LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              RAGCHEW with AA7A (meteor scatter)(Ham of the year, 2nd hour)

8/13/95           GREG JONES         WD5IVD              TAPR

8/20/95           KENT BRITAIN       WA5VJB              MICROWAVES (1st hour, Rod Stafford, KB6ZV, ARRL President)

8/27/95            BILL HILL                              HAM RADIO INSURANCE ASSOCIATES, 2nd hour C.A.R.L. & more with studio audience

9/3/95              NICK SMITH                             HAM RADIO TRADER MAGAZINE

9/10/95            PAUL SHUCH         N6TX                SETI LEAGUE

9/17/95            LARRY PACE         N7DD                CONTESTING

9/24/95            CHOD HARRIS        WB2CHD/VP2ML              DX REPORT  (http://www.cordell.org/CI/CI_Team/CI_VP2ML.html, SK) Lee Finkle KY7M

10/1/95             LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              RAGCHEW

10/8/95             BARNEY FAGAN       KB7KOE              REPEATERS

10/15/95           JOHN HENNESSEE     KJ4KB               PRB-1

10/22/95           RAY BRIEM          N6FFT               BIOGRAPHY

10/29/95           BILL PASTERNAK     WA6ITF              CURRENT ISSUES

11/5/95             LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              RAGCHEW

11/12/95           PAT TICE                               HANDI-HAMS

11/19/95           PRINCESS MARCONI                       BIOGRAPHY MARCONI

11/26/95           JIM FONTE          KK9T                REPEATERS CO-ORD

12/3/95             LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              RAGCHEW

12/10/95           MARIE LAMB                             SHORTWAVE

12/17/95           FORCE 10                               ANTENNAS   (Ned Stearns AA7A)

1/7/96               HANK HANKINSON     KC3QU               FAA / Aeronautical Communication(2nd hour)

1/14/96             CINDY WALL(2nd hour)                            AUTHOR OF HAM RADIO NOVELS

1/21/96             (1st hour)SENATOR SOLOMON about Ham License Plates Fees #1018 (2nd hour)BOB BRUNINGA  WB4APR  APRS

1/28/96             LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              SUPER BOWL / RAGCHEW

2/4/96               LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              RAGCHEW

2/11/96            HARRY SNYDER       K0RN                ANTIQUE RADIO

2/18/96            BILL PASTERNAK     WA6ITF              CURRENT ISSUES...Internet will grow!

2/25/96            DAVE CUNNINGHAM                        DOPPLERS
3/3/96              LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW          NED STEARNS, AA7A    RAGCHEW 2nd hour; 1st FAX ever received by HR&M

3/10/96            LUCK HURDER        KY1T                ARRL / ASSORTED
3/17/96            STEVE ELSWICK                          TESLA 1st hour, HAARP 2nd hour
3/24/96            BETTE CLEMONS                          WAKE OF THE WIRELESSMAN (Radio on ships from 1900) (1st 10 minutes C.A.R.L., Science Center)

3/31/96            GLENN HAUSER                           SHORTWAVE LISTENING   (2nd hour)(1st hour about interference on local repeaters)

4/7/96              LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              Future of Ham Radio? RAGCHEW & AA7A (30 minute mark...wallpaper world GREAT commercial) (2nd hour my future prediction on code removed as requirement)

4/14/96            PHIL SUSSMAN       KB8LUJ              PACTOR

4/21/96            PAUL HARDEN        NA5N                QRP

4/28/96            JOE MOELL          K0OV                T'HUNTING

5/5/96             KEN ALLEN          KB8KE               DAYTON HAMVENTION

5/12/96            MIKE COOK          AF9Y                MOONBOUNCE

5/19/96            LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              DAYTON REVIEW

5/26/96            DEWAYNE HENDRICKS  WA8DZP              SPREAD SPECTRUM

6/2/96             LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              RAGCHEW

6/9/96             ED HARE            KA1CV               TROUBLESHOOTING

6/16/96            LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              2M/440 ATTACK BY LEO'S

6/23/96            STEVE ELSWICK                          EXOTIC RESEARCH

6/30/96            AL GROSS           W8PAL               INVENTING OF 1ST HT  (last appearance)
7/7/96             LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              RAGCHEW
7/14/96            BILL PASTERNAK     WA6ITF              NEWSLINE/CURRENT ISSUES
7/21/96            PAUL SCHLECK       KD3FU               INTERNET & HAM RADIO (Internet's infancy, especially compared to today)
7/28/96            TOBY METZ          KB7UIM              YOUNG HAM OF THE YEAR 1st hour, Call in questions 2nd hour
8/4/96              NED STEARNS        AA7A                RAGCHEW and ANTENNAS
8/11/96            LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              RF RULES, ANTENNA LAWS
8/18/96            NANCY KOTT         WZ8C                FISTS CW  (last half hour, Red Cross Emergency Morgan Hoaglin)
8/25/96            ED HARE            KA1CV               NEW RF RULES
9/1/96              NED STEARNS        AA7A                RAGCHEW
9/8/96              LANCE HALLE        KC7FVX              INTERFERENCE / OO
9/22/96            LEN WINKLER        KB7LPW              HAMFESTS? POPULARITY
9/29/96            JOE ARPAIO                                        MARICOPA COUNTY SHERIFF
10/6/96            NED STEARNS        AA7A                 RAGCHEW
10/13/96           BILL PASTERNAK     WA6ITF        1000TH NEWSLINE SHOW
10/20/96           GENE & SHERRY HARLAN        WB9MMM & N9SH       CYBERHAM MAGAZINE
10/27/96           RICHARD STUBBS     KC5NSZ     MFJ ENTERPRISES
11/3/96             NED STEARNS        AA7A                RAGCHEW
11/10/96           ANITA McCORMICK                        SHORTWAVE LISTENING
11/23/96           HAL OFFUTT         W1NN                JAPANESE AMATEUR RADIO

12-1-96            RAGCHEW OPEN   AA7A               CODE FREE GENERAL POLL
12-8-96            FRANK SMITH          AH0W             MIDWAY DX'PEDITION

12-15-96          APRIL MOELL        WA6OPS          NORTH POLE NETWORK
12-22-96          PRO CW REQUIREMENT               23 PRO-CODE OPINIONS

12-29-96          ANTI-CW REQUIREMENT              40 ANTI-CODE OPINIONS
1-5-97              NED STEARNS          AA7A              RAGCHEW OPEN LINES 
1-12-97           STEVE ELSWICK                               EXOTIC RESEARCH REPORT 
1-19-97           VARIOUS PEOPLE                            SPARTAN PACKET RADIO EXPERIMENT (SPRE)
1-26-97           LEN WINKLER         KB7LPW          POSSIBLE DEMISE OF SHOW 
2-2-97             NED STEARNS          AA7A               RAGCHEW OPEN LINES 
2-9-97             MARTIN JUE                                        MFJ ENTERPRISES 
2-16-97           NED STEARNS,         AA7A               AUTOMATING UR SHACK TAPE destroyed
2-23-97           DAVID MCDANIELS,    AB5UE        LASER TRANSCEIVERS  
3-2-97             NED STEARNS,        AA7A                RAGCHEW OPEN LINES 
3-9-97             BILL PASTERNAK,     WA6ITF         NEWSLINE (current issues) 
3-16-97           GLENN BAXTER,       K1MAN           GLENN TALKS ARRL & OTHER ISSUES  (I.A.R.N.)
3-30-97           STEVEN BIBLE,       N7HPR             SPREAD SPECTRUM 
4-6-97             LEN WINKLER,        KB7LPW           SIGNAL REPORTS NEW SW FREQ, 12.160, LOTS OF CALLERS, nocode.org
4-20-97           BIOSPHERE 2                                    LIVE REMOTE BROADCAST 
5-4-97             DICK MILLER,        N8CBU,              GENERAL CHAIRMAN DAYTON HAMVENTION 
5-11-97           NED STEARNS,        AA7A,               RAGCHEW OPEN LINES Motorola Irridium Project Begins; add 6m to HF contests?
5-18-97           LEN WINKLER,        KB7LPW,          REVIEW OF DAYTON HAMVENTION 
5-25-97           ALLAN WEINER,                                 ACCESS TO THE AIRWAVES; PIRATE RADIO 
6-1-97             NED STEARNS,        AA7A,               RAGCHEW OPEN LINES (REALLY JAM PACKED EDITION)
6-8-97             LEN WINKLER,        KB7LPW,         LAST KFNN SHOW, EDITORIAL tirade ABOUT AMATEUR RADIO 
6-15-97           ROBERT SUTTON,      N7UZY,       CHIEF ARMY MARS 
6-22-97           JOEL HARRISON,      W5ZN,          WEAK SIGNAL WORK, VHF, MOONBOUNCE, & MORE 
6-29-97           DR. PAUL SHUCH,     N6TX,           THE SETI LEAGUE 
7-6-97             NED STEARNS,        AA7A,             RAGCHEW OPEN LINES 
7-20-97           WILL ANDERSEN, AA6DD              6 METERS
7-27-97          TOM GIBSON, WA3HWY                  CAMP SHOHOLA (Communication & Technology camp programs)
10-5-97           NED STEARNS,       AA7A,               RAGCHEW OPEN LINES (North Korea Discussed)
10-12-97         MARTIN JUE, K5FLU interview celebrates 25 years in amateur radio business