Kohala Hamakua Radio Club

Last update 11/14/2016

Next meeting: Wednesday, December 14, 2016, 7:00pm

QTH: Meeting place is Conference Room, Keck Observatory Headquarters, 65-1120 Mamalahoa Hwy, Waimea, HI 96743



Hawai'i County ARES Emergency Response Plan

Annex A for North Hawaii

North Hawaii ARES Executive Summary Presentation

ARES Operating Aids

 Guide to Ham Radio Operations in Hawai'i County

KH6CQ Ham Tips (updated 7/27/2016)


Packet Initiative

FLdigi Initiative


Effective immediately, please contact Joe Speroni, AH0A, SM Pacific and Clem Jung, KH7HO, SEC Pacific for any emergencies or disasters. 

Joe assumes the duties of SM today and Clem has agreed to be SEC.  Both of these men are well qualified for these roles.  I look forward to working with both of them as ASM under Joe.  I support them fully.   

Joe has a wealth of experience in management and has lived in many of the locales of the Pacific Section. He understands Saipan having lived there and he knows Guam. He has lived on Kauai as well as Oahu.  He gets the big picture.

 Clem retired from Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) pronounced "high EE EM A" formerly known as State Civil Defense.  He was the Assistant Operations Officer  and has extensive real-world experiences with disasters.  He was part of the EMAC team from Hawaii that helped New York City with  Hurricane Sandy response and recovery among other events. Please see his bio at NDPTC (https://ndptc.hawaii.edu/instructors/instructor_bios/J).  Most recently, Clem has been the DEC for Oahu (Honolulu County) and has done a tremendous job of recruiting and training.  

We are in good hands. For me, Joe has asked for me to stay on as ASM which I have agreed to do.  I still work at HI-EMA in the State Warning Point as an Operations and Threat Specialist. I work Sunday through Thursday MIDNIGHT Shift (0000-0845 HST). This shift limits my daytime commitments and activities since I need to sleep daytime. 

Lastly and very importantly, I give thanks to Bob Schneider, AH6J, for his years of service as SM Pacific.  He has maintained contact with all of the areas of the Pacific Section which is difficult to do as it requires a plane ride to any of the other counties/islands. I could go on. but you all know Bob.

 Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. 73 and Aloha, Kevin Bogan, AH6QO ASM Pacific (formerly SEC Pacific)

The Kohala Hamakua Radio Club is an ARRL-affiliated group interested in amateur radio and good fellowship.

Currently, there are no membership fees and all are welcome to attend.

The club meets in Kapa'au on the second Sunday at 1400W (2:00PM) in ODD months (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov). Intergenerational Center, Building Behind Hisaoka Gym, King Kam Park, Kapa'au

Also, the club meets in Waimea on the second Wednesday at 1900w (7:00pm) in even months (February, April, June, August, October, December). Meeting place is Conference Room, Keck Observatory Headquarters, 65-1120 Mamalahoa Hwy, Waimea, HI 96743.

2016 Club Officers

President, Steve Milner; Vice-President, Don Hardener; Secretary, Steve Doyle; and Treasurer, Norm Cohler

Technical Advisor: John Buck, KH7T

Webmaster: Len Winkler, KH7LW

Webmaster: Len Winkler, KH7LW (please send me email if you have information or other ideas you want added to this webpage)

1/10/2016 Meeting Pictures:



2014 International Hamfest in Waimea at the Waimea Community Center pictures:



At our meeting in North Kohala on July 13, 2014, Joe Speroni, AH0A gave a great presentation on Remote Hamming. Mahalo Joe. If you weren't there, you should have been! Plus we got our first look at the new portable repeater Steve is building for The Dead Zone Communications for IronMan, complete with solar panels.


2011 International Hamfest in Waimea at the Waimea Community Center pictures:

2010 International Hamfest in Waimea at the Waimea Community Center pictures:


For more information, contact Len Winkler, KH7LW




51.800 51.300 Hilo WH6XM WH6XM 4/14/09 HAWAII o100.0    o          open to all amateurs     
52.200 51.200 Glenwood AH6GG AH6GG 1/25/06 HAWAII aEXPlo141.3   Bi         Bilingual      
145.290 144.690 Kau WH6FC WH6FC 11/27/08 HAWAII oela100   c          closed private system     
145.310 144.710 Hilo AH6JA AH6JA 2/3/09 HAWAII orPKT   RB       remote base     
145.350 144.750 Glenwood KD6QAI KD6QAI 6/18/05 HAWAII oelEXP   SNP     shared non protected pair     
145.410 144.810 Naalehu KH7MS KH7MS 7/3/09 HAWAII o   t          CTCSS tone frequency replaces the "t" on listing   
146.660 146.060 Hilo AH6GG AH6GG 7/20/01 HAWAII oela141.3   TT        DTMF access     
146.680 146.080 Hilo KH6EJ BIARC 11/27/08 HAWAII oelap   (CA)     closed autopatch     
146.720 146.120 Mauna Kea KH6EJ HSVOAD 4/23/11 HAWAII oeax   e          emergency power     
146.760 146.160 Kulani Cone KH6EJ BIARC 11/27/08 HAWAII oela   l           linked     
146.820 146.220 Mauna Loa KH6EJ BIARC 11/27/08 HAWAII oelx   p          portable     
146.880 146.280 Pepeekeo   BIARC 11/27/08 HAWAII oela   r          RACES affiliated     
146.920 146.320 Kau KH6EJ BIARC 11/27/08 HAWAII ola   s          ARES affiliated     
147.000 147.600 Glenwood AH6GG AH6GG 1/25/06 HAWAII aelo141.3   x          wide area coverage     
147.040 147.640 Mauna Loa AH6JA RACES 4/23/11 HAWAII oelrx   z          direct access to law enforcement     
147.100 147.700 Hilo WH6HQ WH6HQ 11/26/08 HAWAII o   WX      weathernet     
147.140 147.740 Pahoa NH6P W6YM 11/11/06 HAWAII oelx   EXP     experimental    
147.160 147.760 Hualalai WH6DEW HWARS 11/27/08 HAWAII oela   #          DSTAR    
147.280 147.880 Keaau NH6HT AH6HN 11/27/08 HAWAII o  
147.320 147.920 Waimea NH7HI KARS 11/27/08 HAWAII aelo100.0  
147.380 147.980 Waimea KH7T KH7T  11/27/08 HAWAII aoelEXP  
442.025 447.025 Glenwood AH6GG AH6GG 12/24/02 HAWAII aEXPlo156.7  
442.250 447.250 Pahoa NH6P W6YM 11/11/06 HAWAII oel114.8  
442.275 447.275 Kahua AH6GR MCDA 9/2/08 HAWAII o136.5  
442.500 447.500 Keaau KH6EJ BIARC 11/27/08 HAWAII o  
443.400 448.400 Kau KH7MS KH7MS 4/12/10 HAWAII oels  
443.400 448.400 Kona KH7MS KH7MS 7/11/10 HAWAII oe100.0  
444.150 449.150 Hilo AH6JA BIARC 4/12/10 HAWAII alor  
444.350 449.350 Mountain View KH6QAJ KH6QAJ 8/17/05 HAWAII oel  
444.450 449.450 Kohala KH6EJ BIARC 11/27/08 HAWAII o  
444.600 449.600 Kau KH6EJ BIARC 11/27/08 HAWAII olae  
444.725 449.725 Hilo WH6FM WH6FM 1/18/10 HAWAII #ol123.0  
444.750 449.750 Hilo AH6JA BIARC 11/12/07 HAWAII ola  
444.900 449.400 Kona AH6RF AH6RF 7/14/02 HAWAII o  
444.900 449.400 Hilo WH6FM WH6FM 4/15/10 HAWAII #ol100.0  
444.925 449.925 Hilo KH6KL KH6KL 8/11/08 HAWAII oel

146.94 PL 110.9 (Maui)

In the Hilo area, listen mainly on 146.76. In Kona, listen mainly on 147.16. In Kohala and around Honoka'a, 146.94 on Maui may give better results. 

Rick Ching KH7O, the Hawaii Frequency Coordinator maintains a Full list of Hawaii Repeaters.